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Henry Rosenfeld

Henry Rosenfeld was often referred to as the Henry Ford of dresses, or the Christan Dior of the Bronx. His obituary also called him “the dress manufacturer who made it chic for rich women to wear inexpensive clothes,” and these things made his dress company wildly successful. (Images from LIFE magazine, April 23, 1951) Rosenfeld was born in New York in 1911, his parents had come from Austria around 1906 and didn’t have much money, but he promised his mother he’d be a millionaire by the time he was 35. He was right. In 1930, his father was running a window cleaning business, and Henry was working for him as a salesman. He soon took this experience to the dress...

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Dorothy O'Hara

Dorothy O'Hara (1911-1963) was a California designer legendary for her ability to drape and flatter the feminine form. She created late day, cocktail and evening dresses for women with hourlgass figures who wanted to make an entrance.  Dorothy and her brother Kenneth were born in Los Angeles in 1911 and 1913, respectively. Their mother, Blanche, was a dressmaker from Ohio and married James O’Hara in the fall of 1907. It appears that he was something of an unsavory character, at least in his younger years. He worked in the mining industry, probably dealing with oil. He had two children with his first wife Rose in Colorado, then moved to Los Angeles and married Blanche, but left the young family around 1915...

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